Who is Bud?

Long before Bud's was a studio it was everyone's favorite neighborhood auto repair shop. Built in 1967, by Bud Michini Sr., Bud's Auto Repair was a staple in the community of Swampoodle (Now RAH) for over 60 years and remained in operation through two generations of Buds. When it finally came time for Bud's son, Bud Jr. to retire, he sold the shop to us. As customers of Bud's Auto, we knew how much the shop meant to him and to the neighborhood and we knew we had to take good care of it.

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But there was something we didn't know initially. Although cars were Bud's Sr.'s first passion, his close second had always been photography and film and so Bud Jr. was happy to see it turn into something his father would have been excited about. In taking over the space, we couldn't think of a better way to commemorate Bud, the man so widely beloved by the community, than to proudly keep the name going.