Photo Studio Rental

The beauty and success of a photo shoot relies equally on both your subject and the location you’re shooting in. Having access to a versatile location gives you the freedom to get creative and produce high-quality, professional, and inspired images. For any photographer seeking out a reliable photo studio rental, Bud’s Studio will allow you to focus on the details, in a space designed to be your creative home.


Complete Control of Your Space

At Bud’s Studio you can control every aspect of the studio. From full color changing ARRI SkyPanel cyc lights to zoned temperature controls, you’ll have few limits when it comes to getting the most out of this space. With a 40’ x 30’ Corner Cyclorama, there’s plenty of room to accommodate shoots both large and small.




Whether you need a space for a group session, headshots, editorial, or product photography, Bud’s Studio is functional and adaptable enough to accommodate a wide range of photography needs. With access to two 12’ x 12’ drive-in accessible garage doors, you can take a hands-on approach to achieving your vision.



Local Equipment Rental Partner in Expressway Cinema Rentals

Bud’s Studio has an exclusive partnership with our neighbors, Expressway Cinema Rentals, Philadelphia’s leading photo and video production rental resource for the creative community. From camera rentals to lighting and grip equipment, Expressway has everything you’ll need under one roof.



Staff Your Next Shoot

The Greater Philadelphia creative community includes a wide range of talented industry professionals. Bud’s Studio prides itself in being closely connected to many industry professionals and enthusiasts at every level of expertise. In addition to providing the space and equipment for your shoot, we can connect you to Philly’s diverse and professional technicians to fully staff your project.



Take Care of Your Production

Bud’s Studio was designed with comfort in mind. With adequate parking, easy loading, temperature control, and privacy. We want your clients, crew, and talent to feel at home. Bud’s is not only interested in hosting your shoot but proving a great atmosphere to create.