We don't like the term turn-key but we don't know how else to describe it. Let us help book crew and gear for your next shoot. Call us about adding those equipment and services to your next studio rental.


Studio Package

The Studio Package includes a wide range of essential gear and equipment for photography and film production. This handcrafted package was put together to cover the basic needs of any shoot. Have any questions? Our team is here to help.



Arri SkyPanel Cyc Lights

The right lighting can make all the difference in the end product of your film or photoshoot. Arri SkyPanel Cyc Lights provide fully adjustable, ultra-bright illumination in the studio. A refined lighting tool with full color changing controls.



Crew Staffing

The Philadelphia creative community is one that is brimming with talent and professionalism. If you have the vision, time, and energy but are lacking the crew to bring it all together, we can help you find the right people for your project. We’ll assist you with making contacts to build your team with crew members we know and trust.



Equipment Rental

Every filmmaker and photographer that uses Bud’s Studio will have the advantage of using our partnership with Expressway Cinema Rentals. Located right around the corner from Bud’s, Expressway rents out cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, and more. If you have questions, the experts at ECR can help inform your decisions about what gear you might need to have a successful shoot.