• 40' x 30' Corner Cyclorama

  • 15' to Grid

  • Dual 12’x12’ Drive-In Garage Doors

  • Full Color Changing ARRI SkyPanel CYC Lights

  • 600amps of Power

  • Scissor Lift

  • Zoned Temperature Control

  • Multiroom Bluetooth & WIFI Pairing Speakers




Photoshoots and film productions can be chaotic environments without a place to unwind. In the lounge, you’ll have access to a space where you can set up crafty, as well as serve lunch, snacks, and beverages to replenish and energize your crew. Couches, tables, and chairs create a comfortable atmosphere to rest and refuel.



Green Room

Our private green room provides a great atmosphere for your talent to relax and prepare. The Bud’s Studio Green Room comes fully equipped with:

  • Private Bathroom

  • Individual Temperature Control

  • Salon Seating

  • Color Tunable Lighting for Makeup

  • Jiffy Steamer

  • Rolling Rack



Mezzanine & Private Loft

Achieve a well-rounded view of your production from the mezzanine. This 20-foot balcony space will give your team the ability to get a full scope view of your shoot from an overhead location. Allow your clients to gain a new perspective of your photo or video shoots with ample seating and comfort. Be off the stage while staying fully engaged. Outlets running along the mezzanine offer easy access to power for laptops and mobile devices.

The Loft offers a secluded space on the mezzanine where clients, talent, crew, or production can relax, work in private, and make phone calls without disrupting the shoot.



Private Parking

Your crew and clients will have access to two fully secure private parking lots on site. Park grip trucks, vans and personal vehicles right outside of the studio.